Why would a landlord kick out good
paying tenants?

Why would a landlord kick out good paying tenants?

Always paying rent on time isn’t worth anything if you are a bad tenant.

I had a resident who thought she was untouchable because she always paid her rent on time.

She followed the policies, would call me when she saw someone breaking the rules, and always called in work requests when needed. Her rent was never late.

She was the perfect resident, or so she thought. Istarted noticing though, that she was refusing our pest control service. Our pest cotrol service was mandatory. Pest control visited a building every four
months. Every four months she would refuse. I asked her why, and she said she had allergies and asthma and the chemicals pest control used would not be safe for her.

Soon, neighbors started complaining about roaches in their homes. They were cooperating with fumigation. It all boiled down to little Ms. Perfect. I sent her a notice and she promised me she had no roaches. She wasn’t sure why I was targeting her.
I had no choice but to non renew her lease. She was very upset. She cried in my office and begged me to reconsider. She pulled up her payment history and showed me that in her three years with us, she had
never been late with her rent.

I was amused, yes, but she wasn’t my only resident with an excellent payment history. She had to go.

She left.I knew her apartment would have roaches. First thing we would do is fog the place. We were ready to battle those pests, but we never imagined how bad it would be.

I opened the door to see roaches faling from the ceiling. It was disgusting. Roaches were piled in corners. They roamed freely everywhere. They were even inside the appliances!

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