What type of tenant would you never rent to?

What type of tenant you never rent to?

Here are the things that get you denied for my units:

1. You won’t fully fill out the application?
Immediate denial. Yes, I ask for a lot of
personal information on the application so
can track you down if you run off with my
major appliances and trash the place. On the
plus side, if you don’t feel like answering my
questions you get an immediate response to
your application.

2. You lied on your application? I check

references and verify income. Say you make
$xx,xxx/year, but you really make $xxxxx/27
You’re denied because you falsified
information even if that salary still meets the
income requirement. (This is a forever denial, don’t even think of applying again)

3. Been in the joint? if you are a felon or been
convicted of a violent crime, please feel free
to sleep somewhere else. I know, I know,
you’re actually innocent. Ok, get the courts
to buy into that, have the conviction(s)
removed from your record and Ill welcome
you with open arms.

4.On the sexual offender registry? I treat this
like a felony. Yeah, again, I know, you didn’t
do that either. Please see resolution for
felonies above.

5. Have bad credit and/or a bankruptcy on your credit? You don’t pay your bills. Yes, some people have ended up with bad credit by circumstances beyond their control (like
medical bills), but maybe you just don’t like
paying your bills. I don’t know which type you
are, so please feel free to apply again after
you get your credit straightened out.

6. You were evicted recently? During the
background investigation I pull records from
the courts looking for not just criminal, but
civil judgments. If you have been evicted in
the last 10 years and/or have an unpaid
court order or settlement, it’s just not going
to work out.

7. Friends and Family. This is the best way to
create family rifts and turn close friends into
enemies. This is a business and not a charity, sol run it as one regardless of your
relationship to me. I will help out friends and
family. I have had many live in my house for
weeks, months, and even years. I have given
money to family and friends. They may call it
a loan, but I consider it a gift because I don’t
expect to get anything back. This way we
don’t end up in a rift if it isn’t repaid. If it is
repaid, well, that to me is found money.

8. Oh, you have pets? Why are we even talking? All of my listings state “No Pets, Non Negotiable” and you are trying to negotiate? (Look, I have pets and love pets. There are no bad pets, just bad pet owners. It’s impossible to figure out which are which.)

The items below do not rule you out, but it certainly colors my evaluation of your application:

1.You look like a piece of sh!t. Your
appearance and the condition of your car say a lot about how you are likely to treat my
property. Your vehicle can be a brand new
Mercedes, but if it’s filled with garbage and
smells like a camel jockey’s crotch, it’s an
issue. If your vehicle is a 1977 Ford F-150
with 350k miles and a mismatched color
tailgate, but you can see the floorboards,
you’re alright by me.

2. You act like an a$Shole. When I show you my properties I let you assume about me what you wish. Most think I’m a property manager or some handyman. Im always clean anddressed nicely, but I also generally drive my service truck that is full of tools and parts. Very few assume I’m the owner. Treat me like any other person you just met and we’ll be just fine. Treat me like a servant, like one lady that was disgusted that I didn’t have bottled water and cookies for the rental
viewing, and there’s a high likelihood that
your application will not be approved. High
maintenance people are the biggest time
suck and in my experience the worst to deal
with when it comes to damage to the unit
and nuisance maintenance calls.

All others are welcome.

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