What legal rights does a tenant have if black mold is found and the landlord will not address it?

What legal rights does a tenant have if black mold is found ?

First, one must distinguish if you are talking about the toxic mold stachybotrys chartarum, which is commonly referred to as “black mold”, or if you are merely talking about “mold which is black in color”.

The former is a health hazard, and you can buy testing kits at Home Depot for under $10. The latter is you not cleaning properly.

If you merely have mildew in the bathroom, that’s on you, and you should not expect the landlord to clean it for you.

If you have toxic mold- stachybotrys chartarum – you should immediately notify the landlord, and if they don’t act immediately, you will need to notify the
county health department.

When you notify the county health department, a couple of things will happen:

They will come out and check the building,
including the area you sampled, to verify it is
in fact stachybotrys chartarum If they verify it, your unit, and potentially other units, and possibly the whole building, will be condemned

In a severe infestation, because your
personal possession are likely contaminated
with spores, you will likely not be permitted
to take your possessions with you, because it would spread the problem (like bedbugs get spread)

You can always buy a test kit so you can know for certain.

The most likely scenario, however, is that you need to get better at cleaning.

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