What is a good reason to be late on rent?

What is a good reason to be late on rent?

There are NO good reasons to be late on rent.

It is a breach of your rental/lease agreement. You might have to pay a late fee and it is the basis for eviction. I’m not saying it would happen the first time, but chronic late payments might do it. The landlord has bills to pay too. My advice: If you have an emergency, let your landlord know BEFORE
the rent is overdue. Don’t make them have to ask.

If you want an excuse that may work once with the landlord then think of any sob story e.g. family disaster where you needed to use the rent money. Forgetting will not work as it should be an auto payment from your account.

On the tenant’s side :

there are plenty of reasons to be late with rent. They might have just gotten laid off from work. They may be paying a lot towards their debts. Their pay day may not line up with when the rent is due. The tenant may have let someone borrow too much money. They might have bought a new car, started doing drugs, lost it all in gambling, or whatever other reason someone has for not having enough
money for something. Hopefully they have a lot of savings though that they can supplement the missing rent with.

On the landlord’s side:

there is virtually no excuse to be late with rent. The tenant signed an agreement to pay the rent in full amount on time and that is what is to be expected. Not only will paying the rent late look bad for the tenant in the present and the future, but it hurts the landlord because they aren’t getting the money they need when they need it. They may have needed that money for a mortgage payment, or repair costs, or to pay their property manager. Whatever the reason may be, landlords give little to no tolerance for someone not paying their rent on time.

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