What happens if you don’t pay rent for a month

What happens if you don’t pay rent for a month

It’s quite normal if you hadn’t been able to pay your last month’s end because this global crisis and recession has affected the entire world.

Make sure to keep your landlord informed that you shall be paying all your due rent once everything gets stable and most importantly remember that your landlord shouldn’t be forcing you to pay the rental fees and if he does so, you can file a complaint.

Usually one should avoid such a situation to not pay last months rent as it might attract some harsh legal action against the tenant for not paying up as per the terms of covenant.

But many people take it as a form of adjustment against the security deposit (1 Month Rent) that tenant had deposited with Landlord at the time of getting into the agreement. In order to exercise this
option, there should be written understanding between Landlord and Tenant wherein it must be clearly accepted by both parties that last month rent would be paid/adjusted out of deposit money.

Further if the security deposit is not enough to cover up the rent in exceptional cases, then landlord has the right to exercise the options available to him as per the covenant entered into and proceed accordingly.

What does your lease say happens?

If it were my property a couple of things would happen. First, you would not get your final walk through without being paid up so you would not have the ability to dispute
anything that would be charged to you (damage vs. normal wear and tear). Second, that missed rent along with any other outstanding fees would be added up and subtracted from the security deposit.

If the deposit does not cover the amount due, EVERY person on the signed lease would be sued for the full amount
until I recovered the full amount, even if only one part can be located and sued. Finally, if the laws in my area allowed me to notify a credit bureau, every person on the lease would get a notation. Just pay the rent, do
the walkthrough with a camera to document issues and move on.

Conclusion :

If I was your landlord and would ask you for it. If you do not pay, I would send you a notice to vacate and charge it against your deposit.You become a defaulter for one month rent to the owner. Your liability is deferred for future.The landlord will remind you immediately. And this rental is sole income, that person will also suffer owing to your failure.

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