How to ask landlord for rent extension

How to ask landlord for rent extension

If you will be unable to pay your rent on time and need an extension, I would suggest asking them as soon as possible.

Just ask for a month to month rent agreement and maybe he’ll say ok especially if this is over the winter months. He or she may have you sign a short term lease or a month to month agreement.

The preferred format might be for rent extension :

Mrs / Mr Land lady,I had a problem arise that will make it very hard for me to pay you rent in full, on time this month. I realize that it is my responsibility to pay you on time and in full, so I have borrowed money from my mother (or friend, or boss) and you have nothing to worry about.

A less preferred format might be for rent extension :

Mr. landlord, I had a problem and will not be able to pay the full rent 10 days from now when it is due. Would it be possible to pay you 70% of it on time and then pay the late fee and remaining 30% on the following Friday? I have a written document for you, signed by me and making you this promise, which you then keep.

The best way to negotiate for rent extension :

The best way to negotiate is to understand the other person’s positions, needs, wants, and constraints, and then try to seek a “win win” solution. Understanding where the person on the other side of the table is
coming from implies that you will have already taken the time to get to know them and build a productive, ongoing business “partnership” based upon mutual respect and trust.

If you have that foundation of respect and trust, in this situation, asking for an extension would merely be a conversation with your landlord, you would just tell him where you are, and then work together to come up with a “win win.” My suggestion may sound naive, some may say to negotiate you need to be a jerk and try to trick the other side, but what I’ve described is really the only way to have a lasting, sustained relationship..and it’s a much easier and productive and satisfying way to live.

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