How do you remind someone to pay you rent?

How do you remind someone to pay you rent?

This depends on the tenant.

For technology savvy ones, I shall setup an electronic calendar reminder on the first of the month and add their email address to it.

Otherwise I will casually remind them in an offhand way, ” I’m not able to be around on the first of the month between insert times> so please be sure to catch up with me after that.”

Either way, make sure that you have an late rent fee clause in your Rental Agreement. And enforce it!

Check with your local laws to see what the maximum late fee can be, but rule of thumb is that you want to keep it between 3% and 5% otherwise tenants may not be able to afford it and will end up having to be

I usually give one “freebie” and let the tenants know it, but after that I enforce late rent every time. I learned this the hard way and found myself having to evict someone because I was too nice on letting the rent
slide, and it cost me several thousand dollars when all was done.

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