Does the landlord have to provide

Does the landlord have to provide appliances?

NO. Landlords don’t have to provide appliances. But it’s best if they do.There is a lot of confusion and misunderstanding about appliances, because no specific laws obligate landlords to supply or maintain appliances. Whatever you put in the lease will hold true between two parties.

Therefore, some landlords provide appliances, maintain and charge the higher rent for this. In some markets, you can’t rent without providing basic appliances.

Other landlords provide appliances in a working condition (as is), but stipulate in the lease that tenants would be responsible for the appliance repair in case something gets broken.

Finally, there are landlords that don’t provide
appliances at all. In this case tenants supply their own appliances. Well, the main trouble starts when tenant’s $50 craigslist appliance gets installed out of code on the property, and as a result, there are thousands of dollars in damage.

Just for this reason, I believe it’s best to remain in control and provide appliances in rentals.

On a side note, one thing I learnt thru the years is to never assume tenants understand the appliance policy without discussing it first with them.

As a rule, if tenants come from a landlord who provided and took care of appliances, they would automatically assume you would do the same, unless you point out the differences in your approach.

Again, read your lease and whatever it says about appliances will be the answer to your questions.

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