Do you think landlords can be friends with their tenants?

Do you think landlords can be friends with their tenants?

That depends on your priorities. It’s a business relationship. I have become friends with many tenants over the years-at arms length-with the mutual understanding that there is an underlying business relationship that has priority over the friendship. I see it as a no win situation for the landlord, and, an all win situation for the tenant.

Friends don’t rent to friends.
I have also made the mistake of dating tenants, and, renting to women I was already dating. These relationships as a rule turned out badly for everyone concerned. It’s awkward when a new boyfriend moves
in with your old girlfriend, and they both now rent from you. I quit doing that in my twenties after many expensive lessons.

Same with male tenants. I don’t hang out with tenants or become too friendly because the landlord/tenant relationship is inherently adversarial. You are in the business of trying to make money, the tenant is in the business of trying to save money And, what is your friendship like when you sell the property?

To put myself in a tenant’s shoes, how would I like it if my friend the landlord raised the rent, refused repairs, or God forbid, evicted me? I think the friendship would end the minute business priorities were given a
higher priority than my priorities. So, the friendship will only be as strong as the business relationship. The axiom that says don’t mix business with family applies to friendships with tenants.

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