Do landlords have to deep clean between tenants?

Do landlords have to deep clean between tenants?

As per law, It is as per terms and condition of the agreement, but all practical purpose one should ask for security deposit at the time of handing over possession of the property. If one doesn’t do that than
getting back of deposit becomes difficult task at times. Some owner doesn’t return deposit at all specially if owner or tenants are from different cities.

There are lots of owner who keep some part of deposit in pretext of future liabilities like phone or electricity bill etc. I wold suggest you to clear all these dues in advance. I would suggest you to not to handover possession of property till you get your
deposit back. I will that extant that you ask for Pay Order ( Bankers Cheque ) if you have little doubt, because crooked owner’s cheque might not get cleared by his bank.

the rule is that the tenant has to bring the
apartment back into the condition he received it in. So if her received it freshly painted, he has to paint it or to pay somebody to do it (to a professional standard).

If I know that one of my tenants will have to
wallpaper his bedroom because his cat scratched the wallpaper off in some places.

If he received the apartment in an undecorated condition, he won’t have to do it. But he will have to have any damage to the property caused by him (except for normal wear) repaired.

If you stay at a hotel you expect it to be cleaned in between each guest right? So I would expect any landlord to at the very least do a walk through of the property after each tenant leaves and either do themselves or hire a cleaning person to do a simple touch up and wipe down for cleanliness. A house or apartment can collect dust and unwanted bacteria from sitting there and other ppl walking in and out and touching things when they go to view the property.

It’s your property as landlords love to remind us so you’re responsible for how it looks ultimately when a new tenant comes to view and possibly rent. I’m not saying tenants don’t need to leave it clean I’m saying l’d expect a landlord who cares to be able to do a quick 15 min or 20 min touch up right before a new tenant arrives. Nothing crazy if it dosent have to be that way.

Tenants and landlords should work together instead it’s always which one can get the other first before they are got. Both parties need each other regardless.of what the other claims. If a tenant dosent rent you
aren’t making any money to pay all the taxes and such on your empty property and If the landlord dosent rent to you then you don’t have a place to go (in most cases) or you may pay more somewhere else.

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