Do I have to pay for cleaning when I move out?

Do I have to pay for cleaning when I move out?

Yes , In my experience, having rented in Boston, San Diego and New York, and having been a landlord in Boston:

Usually the lease says that the tenant is supposed to leave the apartment “broom clean.” That basically means they have removed all of their belongings, cleaned up anything really nasty and out of the ordinary, taken out the trash, and swept the floor.

If the tenant leaves the place really dirty (say, dried puke or spilled food on the floor, garbage lying around, pet hair or cigarette butts everywhere), the cost of cleaning will be taken from their security deposit.

This may depend on local laws, but in Boston at least, the landlord has to document what they actually spent on cleaning and can only deduct the actual cost from the security deposit. They can’t deduct extra as punishment just because they were grossed-out or annoyed.

Now, if it’s a high-end building and the landlord wants to have it cleaner than broom-clean for the next tenant (windows washed, carpets shampooed, everything really spotless), the tenant still has to leave it broom-clean but the landlord will have built the cost and time for professional cleaning into their own schedule and budget.

The tenant pays for it as they are liable for leaving in same state of cleanliness as it was when moving in. However, if pre-move in condition isn’t documented and signed for by both parties it will be difficult for legal collection of additional cleaning after tenants vacate. Furthermore, landlord probably will not be reimbursed for cleaning unless there is a cleaning deposit collected from tenants prior to move-in as it would not be worth the time or expense to take legal action for such a nominal fee. If cleaning and damages are substantial , however, the tenant should expect a judgment made against them for the cost.

when a tenant moves out they’re supposed to clean everything and vacuum. Everything meaning the stove, sink, tub, toilet, etc. and fill any nail holes and punch holes or whatever they did. If you have to call in someone to clean up their mess then that amount is taken from the deposit. I think it’s either within 15 or 30 days you’re required to send that former tenant a letter indicating what happened to their deposit (how much you took out) and send them their check for the balance.

Once they leave the landlord is responsible for either washing the rug or most times here they replace the rug. Maintenance paints the apartment , looks for leaks cleans the flooring and wipes everything down, changes the blinds and washes the windows, and if holes they patch them, all at the landlords cost.

When the tenant is getting ready to move out and everything is out, before they turn the keys in, they should do cleaning (vacuuming, dusting, scrubbing, etc…) and try to leave the apartment in the same shape, if not better than when they first moved in. However, if you fail to do this, the landlord will take in account the usual wear and tear, anything else he has to do, will come out of your security deposit. In other words, if you didn’t defrost the fridge/freezer, scrub the sinks/showers/toilets. If you left a stain on the carpet. If there are dirty walls. If there is damage to a window, etc… all of this adds up because the landlord either will hire someone to take care of these things or do it themselves and will charge appropriately.

However, rent laws ussually vary from state to state so you better consult local lawyer before finalising anything.

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