Can landlord refuse to renew tenancy?

Can landlord refuse to renew tenancy?

Yes. When the lease is up they are under no obligation to renew it. Numerous reasons. Could be they are for some reason, don’t like you as a tenant. Could be they’ve found another tenant willing to pay higher rent. Could be they want their family member to move into the property. Could be they want to move in themselves. Could be they’re looking to sell the property – always
easier to show a vacant property. And I’m sure there are other possibilities as well.

If you really want to know, you can always ask your landlord, although they’re under no obligation to tell you.

A lease is a fixed-term tenancy and
neither party is obligated to continue it. A less common exception would be if your lease includes an option to renew or other term that gives control over the renewal/termination to the leasee.

At the end of the time period, either party can choose to not renew. There’s no law forcing a landlord to renew.

If the tenant wants to renew but the landlord does not then the tenant needs to move out. There’s a certain amount of notice that the landlord has to give the tenant if they aren’t going to renew. I usually do more
than 60 days -for instance, if your lease expires at the end of November, you’ll know by the middle of August if I’m not going to renew. You’ll also have a copy of the
new lease by that time if I do choose to renew.

You as a tenant can also choose to renew or not. That’s why I will get you the lease early (in addition to giving you a lot of time to find a new place). You can reject the new lease for any reason you choose or for no reason.

If either party chooses to not renew, then it’s the tenants’ responsibility to leave the property by the end of the lease. Ideally, you give the landlord a forwarding address…I’m not sure if there’s a legal requirement to
do this or not but it’s the responsible thing to do so the landlord can contact you and hopefully return your security deposit.

There may be specific laws that limit the reasons for refusing to renewa lease, but the end of a lease is the end of a contract between two parties, neither of which is legally compelled to enter into a new contract.

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