Can I sue my apartment building manager for ignoring a leak in the storage unit that’s damaging my stuff?

Can I sue my apartment building manager?

Maybe , As a rule, the common law does not impose a duty on landlords to protect their tenant’s belongings, no matter where they’re stored. A landlord will only be held liable for a loss when it’s the result of gross negligence, not ordinary negligence.

However, if your landlord does know of an issue that’s causing damage and refuses to fix it, that most likely rises to the level of ‘gross negligence.

On the other hand, you’re required to mitigate. Once you learn that your goods are being damaged, you can’t just leave them there to let them get damaged more. That’s negligent too. You can remove the goods and maybe get a rent rebate for the cost of
alternative storage, but that’s not a sure thing.

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