Can I charge my landlord for repairs

Can I charge my landlord for repairs

My advice to you is to cut your losses and find another place to rent. It is best to leave this landlord and his raising rent is your excuse. If he indeed did refuse to repair your place, he will not change, so find another place with another landlord. You will probably get a good one this time.

If you did the work yourselves, then that
was your decision and don’t expect to get reimbursed for it. Your lease probably says that you don’t make repairs.

Are you aware that there are by laws, health laws, and landlord-tenant regulations that may have compelled the LL to fix the property?

why did you spend your own money on someone else’s property?

you ahould know that unless he authorised the repairs you did he’s under no obligation to pay for them?

Are you aware that unless there are laws against it he can raise the rent if he wants?

Unless there’s more to the story. you were colossally dumb to put up with this landlord and you got screwed. Move out and move on.

Steps You Should Follow to caim your money

You did take pictures first . You do have proof of these issues?  You should have proof of all the times .

To do anything you will have to have everything documented. Numerous calls won’t cut it.You will have to prove every call you made to him, and when it occurred. Did you talk to him directly or just leave a

You can also check with your city’s building
code department to see if he violated any city ordinances.

you tried contacting your landlord? If YES, most jurisdictions will have some sort of LANDLORD AND TENANT Dispute or Advisory Board.

They should also be able to help if your unit was unhealthy or technically unhabitable due to the damage. If the government agrees you have a case, your Landlord will have a bad day.

They may try to evict you or make life difficult. Just in case, start looking fora new place to rent.

One Example Of my friend

One city My friend lived in had a slum lord who was notorious for renting sub standard apartments for top dollar and would not make repairs. His hands were slapped occasionally, he would make a few repairs and then go back to neglect. Eventually, the number of complaints got the inspectors to a point where they just inspected all of his properties and closed down any that were not up to code. He was immediately out
of the rents for those places and had to pay fines.

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