Can a landlord decide who visits your house?

Can a landlord decide who visits your house?

Absolutely not, unless the Landlord place into the Lease Contract a condition that you signed and agreed to that a specific identifiable person will never be at your house. However, I doubt if that “condition” could be effectively enforced by the Landlord based on your U.S. Constitutional “rights” in First, Fourth and Fourteenth Amendments.

First Amendment, freedom of association and speech also involves privacy in those regards. Fourth Amendment, due process includes the First Amendment rights. The Fourteenth Amendment, our personal rights include the First and Fourth Amendments as it applies to the states and Federal Governments obligation to protect those Constitutional rights.

Privacy, if the Landlord questions you about who comes to or is at your house do not answer any of his question on privacy grounds.

But , There is an old saying, “He who angers the King shall have his head smitten off.” The Landlord is in the position of the King.

So, It truly depends on what they are telling you.They can tell you:- no smoking, no drugs, no candles, no windows open in winter when heat is on, no blankets over windows, no changing locks, no painting, no water beds, do not use stove as extra heat, no pets, no visitors more then x number of days, no parties, no grills, no pools, no home buisnesses, etc…. Anything really, that could effect the home or neighborhood.

They cannot tell you:- you can’t go on dates, you can’t drink milk, etc… Personal stuff like that, that does not effect the home or neighbors.

They can have rules about who stays there and how many. It should be written into your rental contract. Extra tenants outside that agreed to in your rental contract can be refused occupancy or you can be charged extra rent.

Usually they cant dictate whom you have as a visitor for a day or two. With the obvious exception of illegal behavior. A known felon, someone in the sexual predators list, several people meeting regularly as a club.

But a landlord can restrict your number of days visitors are allowed. I have a 5 day rule on my agreement I signed, never enforced until she sold my rental of 6 years and started harassing me and saying no person could be here more than 5 DAYS (visits) a month. I should have read that closer when I signed.

Go over your agreement/contract. There should be a rule on how long guests can stay. You need to follow that. If your landlord has an issue with one person in particular, ask for the reasoning, and try to have an amicable conversation to solve the issue. Your landlord could say that person looks intimidating, or talks so loudly it disturbs others, or it may just be a misunderstanding. In my state, a landlord would need to “trespass” someone from the property for them to no longer be allowed. It is their property, but you also have rights to enjoy your dwelling.

However, rent laws ussually vary from state to state so you better consult local lawyer before finalising anything.

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