Can a landlord charge for gardening?

Can a landlord charge for gardening?

it depends on the lease agreement, but if it’s an actual garden that was planted by the tenant, the tenant would care for it.

If it’s a special feature of the property, then its quite possible the landlord would want to care for it – this is especially true when there are multiple dwelling units on the premises.

If you are in a single family home and the lease agreement says that you are responsible for caring for the yard the the tenant (you pay for it and or do the work). If the lease is in an owner’s association where landscaping is included in the Home Owner’s dues, then the lease will probably tell you that the landscaping and lawn care is to be done by the association. The details in your lease will give you the answer.

The lease on our little rental house – the tenants are expected to mow the lawns, rake the leaves. In most multi-unit apartment buildings that I’m familiar with, a landscaping and gardening company is usually employed by the landlord or manager, However this should be information provided to the tenant when the apartment is first shown. Single family houses, again, it’s most likely the tenant’s responsibility. But the responsibility must be described and stated in the lease.

This will be unique to everyone’s own situation, but In my experience, the landlord requires the tenant to maintain the garden. If it is not specified in the lease, the tenant should reach out and ask rather than assume they don’t have to maintain the garden.

You may have a landlord who will want to maintain the garden. In my experience, I’ve seen landlords charge a small fee that they would either pay as part of their rent or as a monthly cost in order to have the landlord come and maintain the yard. This agreement was spelled out in the lease and discussed prior to move in however.

It is also important to keep the Homeowners association in mind if this affects you. The tenant will need to abide by the HOA’s stricter rules than the landlord wants. The tenant in this instance may be asked to maintain more than just the simple garden. They may need to mow the lawn, trim hedges, water, etc.

At the end of the day, it all comes down to the lease agreement. Even if the agreement says that it’s the tenant’s responsibility, it does not mean they have to do it themselves. The tenant can always pay a maintenance crew to tend to it. The cost would be on them however. It seems pretty rare that a landlord would not have the tenant be responsible for maintaining a yard or a garden, but every landlord is different. If you are unsure of who needs to pay for the maintenance or maintain it in the first place, my best advice would be to simply ask your landlord so that way there is no confusion.

However, rent laws ussually vary from state to state so you better consult local lawyer before finalising anything.

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