Can a landlord charge for decorating?

Can a landlord charge for decorating?

No , But Anything more than ordinary wear and tear is chargeable to you. For instance, did you drive nails to hang pictures? Almost every tenant will say “no” or “only a few”. So when I refurbish a unit, if there are less than 12 nail holes I consider that normal, but if there are 24 and above that tenant is charged for patching and repainting. For far the record number of holes in the walls is over 300. And that tenant was very upset that I charged for patching and repainting.

you have to give them at least one month notice or what ever is on the lease. You can not paying your last month rent by using your security deposit!

Yes you have to pay them the last month that you are still living in there. clean up and waiting for the deposit! most landlord will deduct your deposit as claiming for damage here and there… to me weart and tear is normal, repainting the apt that all landlords have to do it anyway in order to rent to the new tenants. He could charge for any damage such as nails’ holes, broken wall, doors, etc… You have to end up receiving your deposit maybe half? Don’t expect too much! it depends on each landlord! they are greedy! that why we call them landlord! the lord of the land!

Please ensure that the landlord or tenant is happy to be painted before throwing paint over them, as it could be considered assault otherwise.

Under normal circumstances landlord do not charge for painting, nor do he allow the tenants to paint. The only time he charge is if the tenants were smokers and he has to stain kill the walls and woodwork to kill the smell or cover the nicotine stains. He does however charge for physical damage to the walls. Holes, magic markers etc.. Some landlords have it in their leases that if a tenant moves after a shout period of time , they are charged for painting. With most of my tenants, painting is the least of my problems. Trash and debris left behind and leaving the kitchen and bath filthy really makes me angry. They will not only lose their deposits, but I will take them to court for damages.

If the paintwork is just old, then the landlord is responsible. If the room needs repainting, because your child has scribbled over it with crayon, you can be charged.

The technical term is whether it’s “normal wear and tear”. A judge or magistrate would ultimately decided whether it is (landlord pays) or not.

Landlords can charge an outgoing tenant for painting, and frequently do charge if the suite has not been lived in for long, especially when the outgoing tenant has made a mess of the walls.

When a tenant moves into a suite, and unless otherwise mentioned, the landlord would expect the tenant to stay living in the suite for some time.

Also, if an outgoing tenant has repainted the suite, and used colors that are difficult to cover, then a landlord can and frequently will charge for each additional coat of paint that is required to completely cover-up the paint the outgoing tenant put on the walls.

A landlord can ask you to pay any outstanding rent, pay for loss or danage to the property and to pay for the outstanding amount if any contract. Some of this may be taken from your security deposit.

All of this may be subject to done negotiation in return for a prompt settlement. He can also go to court if necessary to recoup any losses.

However, rent laws ussually vary from state to state so you better consult local lawyer before finalising anything.

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