Can a landlord ask for more money after moving out?

Can a landlord ask for more money after moving out?

YES, If you left the place a mess you can expect to be billed for the cost of cleaning it. If the amount is reasonable concerning what you left, then the answer is you should
 pay it.

Any damage you do or any mess you leave (including leaving items for the landlord to dispose of) will be your financial responsibility. If you refuse to pay, your landlord has two choices: ignore it and let it
go or sue you.

If the landlord sues you, those costs
will get much higher if he wins. You will likely have to pay the cleaning costs, the court costs, and the attorney’s fees.

If you feel the amount your landlord is asking for is unreasonable for the damage/mess, then see if s/he will negotiate. But you need to be reasonable. If you left a lot, expect to pay for it.

How can you avoid such a situation : 

1surrendered the key back to the landlord.
2Paid the outstanding bill.
3Told the previous office in writing to
redirect all of your letters to your new address.
4You should close the rent contract.
5You should take photos of rooms before vacant the apartment. It can later help you to produce proof.
6If all these have been done, then there no
legal binding/ small loophole through which
he could needle you.

However, rent laws usually vary from state to state so you better consult a local lawyer before finalizing anything.

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