As a renter can I ask my landlord to clean the air ducts?

As a renter can I ask my landlord to clean the air ducts?

You can certainly ask. I’d immediately send an HVAC tech out to check your ducts for excessive dust/mold.

if he found none, then no, I would not have your air ducts cleaned. If they were dirty then yes I would have them cleaned.

Now, if they weren’t actually dirty, or the Tech found that the HVAC filter was missing and caused the dust buildup then your next lease would get some very special attention.

HVAC filter replacement (on my leases) is the duty of the tenant. If they remove the filter and dust accumulates in the ducts then they will be getting the cleaning bill.

Most likely yes! the landlord for residential leases under many states is required to maintain the premises in a habitable manner. The standard is to provide safe and healthy premises. There is an implied waranty of habitability that if the landlord
breached you would be entitled to withhold rent until he fixes the issue, or to fix it urself and deduct from the rent. Or in extreme cases, if you requested and he
did not follow through within a reasonable time you might terminate the lease and not pay any future rent Ask your landlord for cleaning the air ducts as itis part of his duties to keep the premises in a habitable
manner and providing you with clean air.

I call maintenance once a month and they put in a new air filter. Once ina while Ill replace the air filter myself and dust up inside as far as I could get and spray some lysol up there. Once or twice a year I also
ask that they clean out the pipe that goes to the Outside as it gets plugged with leaves and the place feels damp because as you know dampness or poor air circulation will cause mold. When they’re outside,
once a year I ask if they will service the AC unit (oil and clean it).

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