Are tenants supposed to tell their
landlord if they have a baby?

Are tenants supposed to tell their landlord if they have a baby?

Generally, children are not considered “tenants” for lease purposes.

But, if your lease specifies how many people live in the unit, then they are supposed to tell you Since it’s a newborn, give them a break.

This is a huge change in their lives and they’re a wee bit busy. Having an infant in a one-bedroom unit isn’t a big deal. When the child gets older, they’ll need a bigger
place. If they’re good tenants and you have a bigger place, it might be worth your while to put them on the short list when it comes vacant, if they can afford the rent.

Tenants are under no obligation to inform you that they’ve had a child. I am extremely concerned as to why you feel entitled to that information and what bearing it has on their tenancy in your view. A newborn infant isn’t going to be running around disturbing the neighbors nor destroying things. Yes,
babies cry. So what? if there are neighbors and thin walls they really simply have to get used to that as part of apartment life and the human condition.

You are aware that the baby is not a tenant, but just a resident, right? You don’t plan to raise the rent, do you? You already rented the apartment for what is probably its market rate, and even if not, for an amount you found acceptable. The baby is not adding
expense for you, the apartment hasn’t been inmproved terms of the contract are not changeable during its effective period without legal cause or mutual agreement.

I don’t know law, but in most states, adding a baby or even an adult to a one bedroom apartment is perfectly OK. Some require notification of additional children to be reported to the landlord and more require reporting of an adult or adults. Some require
nothing, but why not add a requirement to your leases for such reporting. It is good for you and your tenants to know who is authorized to live there.

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